Mail merge instructions

  • How do I merge documents?

    1. Open LabelAssistant Online, enter the article number in the selected field and press Enter.

    2. This takes you to your workspace. Click on the “Mail merge” icon (see illustration).

    3. The mail merge assistant now appears. Click on “Here we go”.

    4. In the next window, click on “Browse” to find your Excel file for mail merge. Please make sure that this file does not have any hidden columns, hidden rows or merged cells. In the first row, placeholders should be defined for the various columns.

    5. When you have uploaded the Excel or CSV file, a window will appear with a list of the columns in your file. Click on the fields to select the ones that you want to add to your label. Click on “Add fields” to add fields as groups of placeholders.

    Tip: In this window you can also choose whether to create fields independently or as barcode or QR code. Click on “Finish up and continue” to print your labels or continue editing them.



    6. Position the placeholder fields on your label as needed – done!

    "When you are finished, use the PDF preview to check your labels. Certain text fields might be too small, in which case you will have to adjust your layout. To edit selected fields which you have created, select the “Mail merge” button."



  • Mail merge – Can’t open a file?

    Your Excel file must not contain any columns or rows that are hidden or merged. The first row of the file should have placeholders for the various columns.